An Anlo Interpretation of Galatians 5 in the Context of the Ban on Drumming in the Traditional Area

AUTHOR : Cool Godwin Defor
ISSUE: July 2019 Volume 1 Number 1 Article 5
PAGES : 39 – 47
DOI : 10.32051/07051905



This paper is a reading of Galatians 5 by Anlo Christians. The text deals with a situation of tension between two Christian groups in Galatia: the Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. The text was read and appropriated to the context of Anlo Christians who annually clash with the traditional rulers in the period of the ban on drumming and general noise making during the ‘Hogbetsotso’ festival. This creates tension between the traditional rulers who are the custodians of the land and Christians living in the same area. The paper concludes that although the cause of the tension in the text is different from that of the conflict in Anloland, the contextual reading of the text challenged the context of the Anloga reading group. As a result, Christians resolved to live in peace with the traditional rulers in the Anloland.

Author Biodata: COOL GODWIN KOFI DEFFOR PhD, is a Teaching Associate in New Testament Studies at University of Cape Coast.