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Research Methods in Religious StudiesResearch Writing31/10/2018PDF Download
Chicago Referencing StyleResearch Writing31/10/2018PDF Download
Havard Referencing StyleResearch Writing31/10/2018Visit site
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Reading Acts 17:22 Through the Lens of Graeco
- Roman Religion and Ghanaian Mother Tongue Translations of the Bible
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Journal of Applied Thought. Vol. 1 November 2012Journal Article31/10/2018PDF Download
African Biblical Hermeneutics: A Methodology for Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics.Journal Article31/10/2018PDF Download
Theological Examination of Necromancy and its Parallel in Dangme Religio-cultural Setting.Journal Article31/10/2018PDF Download
A reading of hudõr zõn [living water] and its relationship with pistuõ [believe] in
John 4:1-15 through the lens of some Ghanaian mother-tongue translations of the New
Testament and a practice in Ghanaian traditional shrines
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